Cambio Suites Project Details

Sweet Living Beckons at Cambio Suites

Lift could be oh so perfect, with everything within easy reach, wake up to a place of your very own, smell the roses, take a walk into the heart of all that matters. Cambio Suites-the place to call home.

Simplicity is Bliss
Cambio Suites’ simple, clean lines are designed with a contemporary lifestyle in mind. The established, landed neighbourhood at Lim Tua Tow Road provides a charming backdrop for the building’s elegant facade.

A World of Convenience
Open the door to a level of convenience like never before, Cambio Suites is walking distance to the Serangoon MRT Interchange and NEX megamall. With the new flyovers and access to the CTE and PIE, you’ll stay connected to the rest of the island with ease.

Freehold Exclusivity
Pamper your senses.. and invest in a freehold property at the same time, whether buying for your own stay or for investment, Cambio Suites is a sound choice. A well-located asset like Cambio Suites will prove to be a gift that keeps on giving…

Wake up to Big Open Spaces
Take living to a whole new level with our high ceiling spaces! Enjoy the luxury of just having more space, or use it for additional storage. Our thoughtful designs balance sophistication with comfort. Our well-planned kitchens and flexible layouts allow you to configure your home, to your unique requirements.

Design Intent
Cambio Suites is a distinctive reinterpretation of the suburban tropical condominium. It balances the tranquility of suburban living with the urbanised vibe of the surrounding district.

The careful arrangement of smaller volumes into a larger whole, allow for pockets of intimate landscaped spaces whilst providing natural sunlight and ventilation to every unit within the development.

The design intentionally embraces the quiet repose of the suburban fabric, whilst mindfully seeking to balance its presence within the neighbhourhood by creating a visual relief from the entrance, allowing long views through to the depth of the development and sensitively treating the facade with an elegant drop off and portal entrance. Supplemented with rich landscaping, a long driveway and a facade whose criss-crossing lines developed from the parti sketch of the development, reduces itself to the scale of the neighbourhood.

Layers of articulation such as the architectural screen, are carefully added in response to the emerging form, resulting in a blend of contemporary tropicalism with an urbanised character.

A seemingly separate block blends the urban activity of the neighbouring mixed development into the suburban feel of Cambio Suites. This articulation brings across the idea of the development as a well-balanced collection of smaller buildings, communicating the sense of intimacy and exclusivity to the development.

The Parti
A series of horizontal divisions organises the site into various stratas of spaces with vertical lines carefully inserted to delineate volumes of space, creating both a wide open pool area as well as an intimate courtyard for reflection and interaction.

Loft Spaces
Voluminous ceilings in the units are tall enough provide opportunities to enjoy the luxury of height or for customised loft spaces to occur. A myriad of opportunities exist for these spaces.

A paradise of relaxation
Lose yourself in the gentle caress of the water, as you enjoy our 25 meter lap pool and jacuzzi. Enjoy your weekends swimming, exercising, or entertaining your friends by the pool. Make Cambio Suites your oasis in this urban jungle!

Explore what lies beyond and surround yourself with the tranquil beauty of nature. With its lush surroundings and relaxing poolside views. Cambio Suites provides the perfect backdrop for a quiet evening stroll to ease away the tensions of the work day.

Top 10 Reasons Why Cambio Suites is For You
  1. Sitting on rare freehold land
  2. Nestled in a neighbourhood of low rise landed homes
  3. Only 53 exclusive units in the entire development
  4. One of Singapore’s largest suburban shopping mall, Nex is just 6 minutes walk away to entertain, shop and dine
  5. Serangoon MRT station is also minutes walk away. This is an interchange station that allows you access the circle and northeast line for even greater accessibility throughout the rest of the island
  6. Easily connected to major expressways and the city centre via Upper Serangoon road for motorists
  7. Exceptionally high, loft concept ceiling heights that is associated with high end living with the 1st floor @ 4.3m, 2nd/3rd/4th floor @ 3.7m, 5th floor @ 2.95m/attic @ 3.3m
  8. Basement carpark for vehicle owners
  9. No Bay windows or planters for maximium effective use of space
  10. Minutes walk to Serangoon Sports and Recreation Centre